+ sustainable paints

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all paints are zero voc, low odor and have superior coverage and durability. colorhouse paints are 100% acrylic with no vocs (volatile organic compounds), no toxic-fumes/haps-free, no reproductive toxins and no chemical solvents.

we have several color collections with artist-crafted colors.


Chalkboard Collection

Turns any surface into a chalkboard.


handcrafter color collection

Cool and tranquil hues. 36 contemporary colors inspired by the spirit of makers and their craft.


sprout color collection

Playful colors designed for kids' rooms. These 7 gender-neutral hues are gentle on people big and small and promote sweet dreams. zzzzz...


earth's color collection

Warm and earthy tones inspired by nature. 49 harmonious hues designed to be easy backdrops for living.


color of hope collection

Bright and bold hues. 36 vibrant hues designed to energize the human spirit.