Cement Tiles

Beautiful and environmentally responsible, Granada Tiles have become increasingly popular throughout the United States and are installed in numerous fine homes, hotels, commercial venues and public buildings. Not only are these handmade cement tiles strong, durable and scratch and stain resistant, they have a vintage beauty that can be very versatile. The tiles' bold patterns and dynamic colors can look just as beautiful in a historic mansion as in a new loft.

Constant innovators, the owners travel to Nicaragua frequently, continuing to draw from the land's natural beauty and diversity for new styles, designs and methods.

To compliment the Echo Collection, Granada Tile has added two new lines: the Andalucia Collection features thin, hand-poured cement tiles, like glazed ceramic, only stronger and more organic; and the Minis Collection introduces small sized, big impact cement tiles inspired by Moroccan zellige shapes that are perfect for a variety of design applications.